Thursday, 2 April 2015

Here’s why political parties have lost some of their Facebook likes

Cameron Facebooks likes in eyes
Bad times ahead of the election
In the run up to the general election, the last thing a party wants to see is a drop off in its social media accounts.
But that’s exactly what has happened, as many parties haven’t picked up as many Facebook likes as normal and some have even lost likes.
The Liberal Democrats are the biggest victims so far, suffering a net loss of 4,000 likes in just a month.
All the other main parties have seen a rise – though not as quickly as they might have expected, just a few weeks before the election.
(Data thanks to the wonderful UK General Election Blog.)
The Conservatives have the biggest Facebook following, after it was revealed the party spends £100,000 a month on advertising.
However, it’s actually the Labour Party which has the most engaged users, with more than double the supporters actually interacting with the page.
Why has this happened?
It’s pretty simple, and has nothing to do with politics.
Last month, Facebook announced a clampdown on inactive accounts, revealing it would be removing likes from inactive and memorial accounts, to help businesses get a better picture of who their fans are.
While Facebook hasn’t closed down any accounts which have not been used in a long time, it seems it has started tampering with likes.
Critics have said it’s a cynical attempt to make Facebook look better to advertisers, but others have welcomed the ability to track followers much better.

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