Monday 15 September 2014

Why are Labour voters voting Labour?

In today's Lord Ashcroft poll you have the Conservatives neck and neck with Labour, But Lord Ashcroft asks the people taking the poll a few questions on Labour, and on average a third of the Labour voters do not think Ed Miliband is any good, they think Labour will borrow and spend too much and are not actually sure they are on their side. So why do Labour voters still vote Labour if they think that little of Labour?

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  1. Nobody else to vote for. Taking the three issues you've highlighted: Labour voters almost certainly don't actually oppose spending increases (and after the past 5 years of the bare-bones, who would?), they just think Labour will borrow too much because it is too scared to increase taxation to a reasonable level. They don't have much confidence in Ed, but they don't like any of the alternatives. And they aren't sure Labour is on their side because it hasn't really done much to move away from the New Labour style or differentiate itself from the Conservatives, Lib Dems and UKIP - which would leave only the Greens to vote for, and nobody takes them seriously.


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