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Esther McVey & Ed Balls (Tweet & run, Hit & run)

Esther McVey

Wirral West MP Esther McVey was at the centre of a social media after sending out a party-political Twitter message during the Hillsborough memorial service .
Ms McVey took to Twitter to attack the Wirral Labour Party just as shadow health secretary Andy Burnham delivered a heartfelt speech at Liverpool FC's Anfield stadium.
Her tweet – which included a link and read “Wirral Labour Party can’t be trusted!” drew angry responses from many people on the social media network.
National radio presenter Nicky Campbell highlighted the timing of the employment minister's message by tweeting “not watching the service?” in reply.

Ed Balls

Police are looking into an incident in which senior Labour politician Ed Balls allegedly drove off after his vehicle hit a parked car.
The shadow chancellor and MP for Morley and Outwood said he had not known any damage was done when their "bumpers touched" during a "seven-point" turn.
He was traced by CCTV coverage of the "narrow drive" next to the Labour rooms in Morley, the Yorkshire Post said.
A police spokesman said inquiries into the incident were continuing.
Sgt Adrian Wright, of West Yorkshire Police's Eastern Area Roads Policing Unit, said: "We received a report on Sunday, 6 April of a fail to stop collision on Commercial Street, Morley, which is reported to have happened the day before, on Saturday, 5 April.
"Damage was caused to the front offside wing of a parked black Peugeot 306."
Mr Balls said: "Ten days ago, I turned our car round in a tight spot in the private drive beside the Labour rooms in Morley.
"There was a stationary car parked close by. The turn took five or seven points and I was aware that at one point the bumpers of the two cars touched.
"I park there all the time in what is a relatively narrow drive. But until I was contacted the following Wednesday, I had no awareness at all that there had been any damage to the other car.
"As soon as I was made aware of what had happened, I took full responsibility for any damage caused.
"I have written to the owner of the other car to say I was terribly sorry and to reimburse the owner concerned for the necessary repair. I have contacted our insurance company in the usual way."

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


London Evening Standard polling done by yougov

Monday, 14 April 2014


Thanks to   David Boothroyd who collated the information below.

I've gone through to work out the stats for the council seats up for election on 22 May - both at the previous election and as they are held now.

Previous election total

London: Lab 875, C 717, L Dem 246, Local parties and residents groups 19, GP 2, Ind 1, RU 1. Total 1,861.
Mets: Lab 518, C 154, L Dem 129, Ind 6, Local parties and residents groups 4, GP 2, BNP 1, RU 1, L 1. Total 816.
Unitaries: Lab 169, C 132, L Dem 79, Ind 9, GP 2, L 1, UKIP 1. Total 393.
Non-mets: C 592, L Dem 286, Lab 224, Local parties and residents groups 39, Ind 15, GP 13, L 2, BNP 1, UKIP 1. Total 1,172.

Grand total: Lab 1,786, C 1,595, L Dem 740, Local parties and residents groups 62, Ind 31, GP 18, L 4, BNP 2, RU 2, UKIP 2. Total 4,242.

Current seats total

London: Lab 832, C 690, L Dem 235, Local parties and residents groups 50, Ind 20, UKIP 18*, All Peoples' Party 2, GP 2, RU 2, S Lab P 2. 8 seats vacant. Total 1,861.
Mets: Lab 526, C 149, L Dem 114, Ind 13, Local parties and residents groups 4, GP 3, UKIP 3, L 1, Peace Party 1. 2 seats vacant. Total 816.
Unitaries: Lab 171, C 125, L Dem 74, Ind 17, UKIP 3, GP 2, L 1. Total 393.
Non-mets: C 571, L Dem 268, Lab 234, Local parties and residents groups 38, Ind 35, GP 11, UKIP 7, BNP 1, L 1, SD 1, Vac 5. Total 1,177.

Grand total: Lab 1,763, C 1,535, L Dem 691, Local parties and residents groups 92, Ind 85, UKIP 31*, GP 18, L 3, All People’s Party 2, Peace Party 1, RU 2, S Lab P 2, BNP 1, SD 1, Vac 15. Total 4,242.

* Does not include three councillors in Merton who are members of UKIP but sit as Merton Coalition.

The total number of seats to be elected in the ordinary elections on 22 May will be 4,232, due to boundary changes.

Click on the council name when the elections have been held for the results.




All seats in the 32 London Boroughs are up for election.

Barking and Dagenham  LAB
Barnet  CON
Bexley CON
Brent LAB
Bromley CON 
Camden LAB
Croydon CON 
Ealing LAB
Enfield LAB
Greenwich LAB
Hackney LAB
Hammersmith and Fulham CON
Haringey LAB
Harrow NOC 
Havering CON
Hillingdon CON 
Hounslow LAB 
Islington LAB 
Kensington and Chelsea CON 
Kingston upon Thames LDEM 
Lambeth LAB
Lewisham LAB
Merton NOC  
Newham LAB 
Redbridge NOC 
Richmond upon Thames CON 
Southwark LAB 
Sutton LDEM
Tower Hamlets LAB 
Waltham Forest LAB
Wandsworth CON  
Westminster CON

Metropolitan boroughs

One third of the seats in all 36 Metropolitan Boroughs up for election.

Barnsley LAB
Birmingham  LAB
Bolton LAB
Bradford NOC
Bury LAB
Calderdale NOC 
Coventry LAB
Doncaster LAB
Dudley LAB
Gateshead LAB 
Kirklees NOC 
Knowsley LAB 
Leeds LAB
Liverpool LAB
Manchester LAB
Newcastle Upon Tyne LAB
North Tyneside LAB
Oldham LAB
Rochdale LAB
Rotherham LAB
St Helens LAB
Salford LAB
Sandwell LAB
Sefton LAB
Sheffield LAB
Solihull CON 
South Tyneside LAB
Stockport NOC 
Sunderland LAB
Tameside LAB
Trafford CON 
Wakefield LAB
Walsall NOC 
Wigan LAB
Wirral LAB
Wolverhampton LAB 

Unitary authorities

Two unitary authorities will have all of their seats up for election following boundary changes.

Milton Keynes  NOC
Slough LAB

One third of the council seats are up for election in 17

Blackburn & Darwen  LAB
Bristol NOC
Derby LAB
Halton LAB
Hartlepool LAB
Kingston Upon Hull LAB
North East Lincolnshire LAB
Peterborough CON
Plymouth LAB
Portsmouth LDEM
Reading LAB
Southampton LAB
Southend on Sea CON
Swindon CON
Thurrock LAB
Warrington LAB
Wokingham CON

Non-metropolitan districts

Two district councils will have all of their seats up for election following boundary changes

Hart  NOC
Three Rivers LDEM

Seven district councils have half of their seats up for election.

Adur  CON
Cheltenham LDEM
Fareham CON
Gosport CON
Hastings LAB
Nuneaton & Bedworth LAB
Oxford LAB

64 district councils have one third of their seats up for election.

Amber Valley CON
Basildon  CON
Basingstoke & Deane NOC
Bassetlaw LAB
Brentwood CON
Broxbourne CON
Burnley LAB
Cambridge NOC
Cannock Chase LAB
City of Carlisle LAB
Castle Point CON
Cherwell CON
Chorley LAB
Colchester NOC
Craven CON
Crawley CON
Daventry CON
Eastleigh LDEM
Elmbridge CON
Epping Forest CON
Exeter LAB
Gloucester NOC
Great Yarmouth LAB
Harlow LAB
Harrogate CON
Havant CON
Hertsmere  CON
Huntingdonshire CON
Hyndburn LAB
Ipswich LAB
Lincoln LAB
Maidstone CON
Mole Valley NOC
Newcastle Under Lyme LAB
North Hertfordshire CON
Norwich LAB
Pendle NOC
Preston LAB
Redditch LAB
Reigate & Banstead CON
Rochford CON
Rossendale LAB
Rugby CON
Runnymede  CON
Rushmoor CON
St Albans NOC
South Cambridgeshire CON
South Lakeland LDEM 
Stevenage LAB 
Stratford on Avon CON 
Stroud NOC 
Tamworth CON 
Tandridge CON
Tunbridge Wells CON
Watford LDEM 
Welwyn Hatfield CON
West Lancashire CON
West Oxfordshire CON
Weymouth & Portland NOC 
Winchester NOC
Woking  CON
Worcester NOC
Worthing CON 
Wyre Forest NOC 

Mayoral elections

There are five mayoral elections. 

Hackney  LAB
Lewisham LAB
Newham LAB
Tower Hamlets INDY 
Watford LDEM

Latest Populus poll

Yesterdays YOUGOV poll indepth

Sunday, 13 April 2014

They surveyed 700 GPs and the results were....

Now yesterday I came across a poll on for what it is worth it was a comparing on how GPs voted in the 2010 General Election and how they intended to vote in 2015, the majority, 45% were undecided. Now when I shared the figures yesterday, I got a lot of commentary of it being a voodoo poll and having no value. But I am sorry it is a poll, it is a comparison of past and future voting intentions. Granted never as good as the real ballot box, but I feel its results were still worth an airing. You judge for yourselves.

Friday, 11 April 2014


There seems to be a new party on the block as The Blue Party (find out more here on this link introducing The Blue Party ) which was only registered last month, has gained the most followers on Twitter over the past month and gained a respectable 1,196 likes on Facebook, It will be interesting to see how they fare when we come back and do next months list.

As for those regulars. You could easily say UKIP trounced the LIBDEMS, on Facebook especially getting 21 times as many likes in the same period.

Labour is catching up on the Conservatives on Facebook and would expect them to over take them before the end of the year.

NHA party might not be doing well with its website but does lead the way on social media especially twitter. They are still to harness their full potential I think.

Also the SNP made great gains on Facebook last month gaining more likes than the Conservatives Labour and Libdems put together. Just a shame to see the BNP also make a lot of gain likes. Wonder what has spurred this resurgence on Facebook?


as of April 11th 8.31am

@UKLabour 130,120 / 126,045 / 4,075
107,304 / 104,900 / 2,404
61,032 / 59,012 / 2,020
49,142 / 47,989 / 1,153
45,457 / 40,907 / 4.550
42,653 / 38,684 / 3,969
30,615 / 29,540 / 1,065
13,788 / 13,778 / 10
9,149 / 8,948 / 201
9,047 / 8,833 / 214
6,853 / 6,788 / 65
5,971 / 5,508 / 463
5,320 / 5,318 / 2
5,146 / 0 / 5,146
3,297 / 3,187 / 110
2,650 / 2,596 / 54
2,496 / 2,265 / 231
2,373 / 2,355 / 18
1,978 / 1,677 / 301


The Blue Party 5,146
Labour 4,075
UKIP 3,969
Conservatives 2,404
Liberal Democrats 2,020
Greens 1,153
SNP 1,065

FACEBOOK LIKES (when over 100,000 it is stated in thousands  1k)


LABOUR 163K / 160K / 3K
BNP 106,979 / 101,569 / 5,410
LIB DEMS 93,235 / 92,509 / 726
UKIP 78,864 / 63,360 / 15,504
SNP 40,355 / 34,525 / 5,830
THE GREEN PARTY 28,734 / 26,579 / 2,155
LOONY PARTY 11,896 / 11,913 / -17
NHA PARTY 9,742 / 8,722 / 1.020
PIRATE PARTY UK  8,817 / 8,784 / 33
PLAID CYMRU 8,351 / 8,270 / 81
RESPECT PARTY 1,293 / 1,291 / 2
MEBYON KERNOW 869 / 844 / 25


UKIP 15,504
SNP 5,830
BNP 5,410

You can see past political charts by following the link


Over on the accompanying blog THE POLLS HAVE NOW CLOSED you will find all the results for yesterdays by elections as well past by elections, categorised by council, date and party gains.

Yesterday 4,623 votes were cast and the nearest comparison is with previous by elections held in the same wards when 6,238 votes were cast, yet again it seems the biggest loser is democracy as less people came out to vote. But here is the changes between the two sets of elections.


Conservatives 1,598 votes 34.2%
Labour 1,479 votes 31.6%
UKIP 688 votes 14..7%
Liberal Democrats 542 votes 11.6%
Independent 242 votes 5.2%
Green Party 124 votes 2.7%

When the by elections were last held

Conservatives 2,328 votes 37.3%
Labour 2,326 votes 37.3%
Liberal Democrats 1,281 votes 20.6%
Independent 303 votes 4.8%


Conservatives -3.1%
Labour -5.7%
UKIP +14.7%
Liberal Democrats -9%
Independents +0.4%
Greens +2.7%