Saturday, 19 July 2014

Survation' New Poll of Minimum Wage Earners

Survation and Unite release the results of a groundbreaking new poll on the experiences of people earning the minimum wage. Survation polled 2023 people earning £6.50 or less about pay and working conditions. Fieldwork was carried out from 24th June to 2nd July.  
We found that:
  • One in five young (aged 18-34) minimum wage earners have had someone in their household use a food bank in the last year.
  • Over half (54%) of those with credit cards and loans will not be able to make repayments if interest rates rise later in the year
  • Almost 4 in 5 minimum wage earners want a statutory living wage rather than more benefits
  • Only 1 in 4 believe their employer currently can't afford to pay a them a higher wage
  • A majority (58%) of minimum wage earners do not feel there is better paid work available to them
  • One in three minimum wage earners feel they have the skills and experience for a better paid job, but there are none available
  • Half of minimum wage earners say the amount they earn varies week by week.
  • Over a third (37%) want to work more hours
  • Most minimum wage earners (54%) think it is the government's responsibility to ensure fair levels of pay rather than employers, unions, campaign groups or the workers themselves.

Full data tables are available here.

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