Thursday, 24 January 2013

All back to normal with the betting

It seems after yesterday mornings flurry of betting for the Conservatives it came back with a Labour win and hung parliament second. The other party win actually doubled from .3% to .6% then again that is like saying my odds of winning the lottery have halved from 15 million to 0ne to seven million to one because I have bought another ticket.

UK General Election 2015

Predicted outcome:

1 day7 day
Labour Majority40.87%
Hung Parliament35.38%
Conservative Majority23.12%
Other Party Majority0.63%
Updates every hour. Last Updated: 08:01:09, Thu 24 January 2013

Percentage outcome based on the Betfair back price for each selection, compensating for the overround.
Any discrepancy between the total probability and 100% is due to rounding.

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