Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Turkeys don't vote for extension of Christmas. Shock!!!

Plans to redraw constituency boundaries before 2015, backed by the Tories, have been defeated in the House of Commons.
MPs voted by 334 to 292 to accept changes made by peers, meaning the planned constituency shake-up will be postponed until 2018 at the earliest

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Funnily enough Labour and the Lib Dems voted against a proposal as you will see from information below would have given a big swing to the Conservatives in percentage of seats in the new Parliament. Lib Dems themselves were the least affected but it would mean that the Conservatives had the best chance of winning power by themselves and Labour would have to had done a lot better than they have to do now to seize power again.

So the changes have been defeated and the old system stays in place. Personally I would prefer a proportional represented system as too many minor parties have next to no chance at winning a seat in parliament and getting their voice heard. for example the green party got 285,000 votes to gain one seat where on average Labour and the Conservatives just needed 35,000 votes for every MP they have.

 Is that fair ?

Party2010 Votes2010 Actual Seats2010 Notional SeatsChange

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