Monday 9 December 2013


I apologise in advance for this being off topic.

But thought it would be useful as a public service announcement.

You may have like myself received a email saying your virgin broadband package is going up by £3 a month mid way thru the contract as of the 1st February.

This is now not allowed  (see link)

Before you could use a clause in your contract that if the rise was more than the rate of inflation (which mine was 7.5%) you can come out without penalty and just give 30 days notice. Now any mid price increase gives you the same get out.

I have rung today and they do have a save tool which in most cases will lower your tariff from what you are paying now and they re sign you for 12 months or you can choose to leave and take a new customer deal elsewhere.

So ring from your home phone if you have them for the phone services 150 it is free and ask to be put thru to the disconnections team. Quote the above information and you will get out of your contract or save money.

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  1. I have just received notice from virgin that my package is going up by £4.84 rep month from 1st feb 2015.


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