Friday 27 February 2015

Drew Carswell, Above & Beyond candidate for Cheadle #GE2015

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Full name: Drew Carswell

Date of birth: 24/03/1995

Occupation: Full-time student at the University of Sheffield, studying History and Politics.

From where? Live in Cheadle Hulme, Greater Manchester and Sheffield.

Why I am standing: 'I believe there is no voice for the discontented, there is so much disillusion with current politics and that highlights the problem with the system. My aim is to give this disillusionment a voice. People I have spoken to have all expressed the same feelings – currently our government is not serving our needs but those of big corporations. People I have consulted also talk about politicians being liars and that all the main parties offer very little in terms of alternatives.'

Hopes for the campaign: 'I don't want to put a number on how many votes I think is achievable. At the very least I would like the people of Cheadle to understand our message and think about whether the system is working. There is a sense of betrayal in Cheadle with regards the Lib Dems entering a coalition with the Conservatives and the broken promises such as tuition fees. I'm looking forward to meeting as many people as possible in Cheadle and hope they feel there is an option come May 7th.'

Hobbies and interests: Keen cricketer (Cheadle CC), passionate Burnley FC fan, enjoy playing football (previously founded a football club in Cheadle constituency, Woodford Road FC), golf and most sports. Also a big fan of films and music and enjoy a trip to the pub!
If you are interested in helping Drew click here to email us. You can follow him on Twitter @DrewCarswell1
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