Friday 20 February 2015

Pirate Party Conference - Free to come - bring your own Rum

We would like to Thank The @PiratePartyUK For being the first take up our offer of 
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Link has the details. Over the coming weeks we will be having blog posts up for the party itself and their individual candidates. If you would like us to do the same for you then mail us at .

You are only not accepted if your party did appear on the list of parties getting millions pounds of donations last year, or you hate/dislike other people for where they happen to come from or how they happen to be.


The Pirate Party are holding their conference in Salford this year, far away from the previous one in Manchester!

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It's clear that the Pirate Party is needed more than ever. From mass surveillance, restoring confidence in our broken democracy, making politics something everyone can take part in, challenging international  agreements that threaten our freedoms, we're dealing with issues that  the others aren't.

Come  and join us to kick off the General Election campaigning. It's a chance to meet other like minded people, discuss policy, meet candidates and learn campaigning skills. The focus will be campaigning activity on Sunday 22nd – so not just sitting around, but getting stuff done.

We like to do things differently, so we are 'hacking' the old fashioned party conference idea. You don't need to be a member to come, you can take part in what you like. We'd be really happy to see you if you've  never taken part actively in politics before.
The Pirates have always challenged the norm, and our conferences are no exception.

This year's conference is totally free, for everyone.

If course if you want to donate to us, that would be welcomed, but if you don't have the cash to spare, we don't want to exclude you from politics.

On the Saturday we will be hearing from several speakers, getting a financial statement from the Treasury Team and of course Loz Kaye, our leader, will be giving a speech too.On the Sunday the conference will be breaking off into smaller workshops. (TBC)

Workshops confirmed:Canvassing - Loz Kaye; Join Loz as he takes your around some of the areas we spend our lives canvassing and making a real difference.

Fundraising and Branches - Sam Clark; Our Treasurer, Sam will be taking you though step-by-step guide on how to setup a fundraiser on He will also be talking through the branch setup process and how you can help fundraise for PPUK.

Please use  or to register.

Agenda: TBA

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