Wednesday 25 February 2015


We would like to Thank The @VoteAboveBeyond and their candidates For taking up our offer of 
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Information about - The Above and Beyond Party


Full name: Mark John Flanagan

Date of birth: 11/04/1974

Occupation: Journalist, author, full-time carer and freelance media consultant

From where? Born in York of Liverpudlian parents and now living in north Leeds

Why I am standing: 'To me we don't have a political system that's fit for purpose. Voting for any of the main parties doesn't make any significant difference when you consider the massive challenges we face. Millions of people feel similarly frustrated and we feel the best first step, to affecting radical change, is giving everyone the opportunity to vote for a none of the above option at general elections.'

Hopes for the campaign: 'As we are a new party, offering something very different, it is going to take time for the Above and Beyond message to start resonating nationally. However I can't wait to get out on to the streets of Otley, Yeadon, Bramhope and Headingley and explain what we are trying to achieve. When people see we have a properly mapped out route towards fundamental change our message really does go down well.'

Hobbies and interests: Mad keen sports fan, currently slightly beleaguered Liverpool FC supporter, keep fit, road racing, current affairs, family days out.

If you are interested in helping Mark click here to email us. You can follow him on Twitter @MarkFlanaganAB

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