Sunday, 23 February 2014


Just a few thoughts I had today.
It seems all very one sided at the moment. Scotland have decided that they can do better alone. In a marriage I am guessing the grass is always greener scenario, or I earn more money than you and you spend it on things which I wouldn't, could be transposed onto our relationship in the UK.

Bit more complicated as we seem to have a foursome going on. Northern Ireland always been the one that people get on with, but have had another sniffing around, and they have a split as to whether they want to be with us or the other and never really wanted to be on their own.

Wales wants to be on its own, well parts of it has, and Scotland the same. Funny how the parts of the union who wish to be split are predominately Labour. So even though for a great period of time they have had a Labour government they still want from of the union. There has been times when England has voted Conservative but not got a strong Conservative government because of the MPs coming from Wales and Scotland.

So who would gain?

What happens if Scotland get what they want much like itchy feet partners but then find they miss us? Would we take them back.

Why do we not get a say in this?

Will be interesting to see how this plays out

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