Wednesday 4 June 2014

Labour & LibDems hold pre-election talks.

According to the BBC

Key allies of party leaders Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband have met to discuss what the two parties have in common, BBC Newsnight has learned.
The Labour peer Lord Adonis, and Lord Wood, one of Ed Miliband's closest advisers, met Jonny Oates, Clegg's chief of staff and Neil Sherlock, a prominent Liberal Democrat and donor.
The men met for dinner in April.
Members of the group deny the meeting constituted any kind of formal talks about a potential coalition government.
But others believe the meeting is significant as it suggests the two parties are considering how they might prepare for potential coalition in the event of a hung parliament at the 2015 general election.

But will the LibDems hold the power?

Tonights yougov poll would mean

44% Labour & LibDems
45% Conservatives & UKIP

Question is would UKIP steal some of the seats Labour need for Control of parliament and just how badly will the LibDems do?


  1. are the uk public so racist and right wing that theyd vote for a tory ukip alliance which would sell off the nhs doctors charging fees and privatise everything else that we have left including the air that we breathe

    1. superb I totally agree ukip are dangerous farage if you put a moustache on him is hitler all over again and the british are a bunch of deluded right wing fools

    2. you can add the right wing newspapers to the mix for promoting farage like the express sun mail telegraph times they all have the same agenda which we could all pay a high price for in the end

    3. the tories and farage would also if they got together would make zero hour contracts compulsory, and scrap the minimum wage

    4. and are the black and Asians who are part of forage's motley crew reading the same newspapers as I and the rest of the uk public not a day goes by without a ukip counsellor being ousted as a racist or homophobe


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