Wednesday 18 June 2014

We need to talk about "ED"

 I wonder just what conversations are being had about the Labour leadership, at present everyone seems to be on message. But surely the same message must be getting thru somewhere. Labour are leading the polls, Ed is leading them potentially to no mans land of a hung parliament.

It seems the electorate think his best trait, is that he is in touch with the ordinary person. rating higher than any of the other leaders. So it seems he feels your pain, and he also scores above average for sticking to what he believes in. But when it actually comes down to strong leadership, being good in a crisis, and generally the traits where it means you are getting the job done. He rates lower than Nick Clegg even in his own heartland.

Now if Labour were a football team, would they be looking to sack their manager before the transfer window? September and the conference season is the last chance so any new leader could come in and rally the troops. But it is too late for that really as all the other parties would have a field day. I just wonder if some sort of event will come to pass. Time with the family is needed, because at present it seems Labour are on the cusp of victory and the Conservatives ace card is Ed Miliband.

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