Tuesday, 29 October 2013



 TABLE 3 starts off with 1,229 respondents. Populus then weight this down to 1,120 although having counted it three times added their numbers up to 1,119. You then get your percentages from their. of which it adds up to 102. now a 99 or a 101 I could accept but 2 out means something hasn't been rounded correctly. So then you add them all up and you found the others which came to 7.14 was rounded up to 8%.

I will let you leave your own commentary in the comments section below.

But for an organisation which can weight up 195 Liberal Democrats to 261, and then weight down 185 UKIP respondents to 20. Which is less than the Greens who go from 51 to 33.

In a populus world the greens are 50% more popular than UKIP with UKIP double the support of the BNP with the Lib Dems who have been beaten on several occasions by British Nationalists 13 times more supported than UKIP.

Then on simple maths can't add up the weighted numbers.

Or round the number 7.14 in the right direction.

What are your thoughts?

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