Monday, 14 April 2014

Latest Populus poll

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  1. Come on older people have you no shame. The coalition have ruined the country. HERE are three examples. 1- jobs market failure to many part time jobs with not enough hours would you have put up with it.Would you have liked being told dont go out and find work and use a computer instead.Employers need to hire more staff but a change of government is needed because the job market is being strangled by an inept and useless government. What about the debt problem not going down because of not enough tax revenue coming in. Immigration to them blame the last government then do it themselves. Some of you stop thinking about your wallet and get labour in next time. If you vote for the other lot you are a disgrace to this country and letting other people down. Think-GOVERNMENT A JOBS RISK< AN IMMIGRATION RISK AND A DEBT REDUCTION RISK IS THAT WORTH VOTING FOR>When you were younger governments did not do that why do you like this one.


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