Friday, 11 April 2014


Over on the accompanying blog THE POLLS HAVE NOW CLOSED you will find all the results for yesterdays by elections as well past by elections, categorised by council, date and party gains.

Yesterday 4,623 votes were cast and the nearest comparison is with previous by elections held in the same wards when 6,238 votes were cast, yet again it seems the biggest loser is democracy as less people came out to vote. But here is the changes between the two sets of elections.


Conservatives 1,598 votes 34.2%
Labour 1,479 votes 31.6%
UKIP 688 votes 14..7%
Liberal Democrats 542 votes 11.6%
Independent 242 votes 5.2%
Green Party 124 votes 2.7%

When the by elections were last held

Conservatives 2,328 votes 37.3%
Labour 2,326 votes 37.3%
Liberal Democrats 1,281 votes 20.6%
Independent 303 votes 4.8%


Conservatives -3.1%
Labour -5.7%
UKIP +14.7%
Liberal Democrats -9%
Independents +0.4%
Greens +2.7%

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