Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Saturday General Election days to become the norm.

In a bid to improve General Election voting, it is expected to be announced later today that all future Elections will be held on a Saturday.

As you can see from the numbers below

The younger electorate needs to be engaged.

In the proposals to be put forward before parliament today, The General Election day will be moved to a Saturday, with voting being from 8 till 8 with a new Saturday night results service broadcast on ITV & BBC already signed up is ANT & DEC "Who described this as a dream job and thinks it will really push the message out to the younger voters."

Polling stations will be moved from Schools to supermarkets, It is thought Michael Gove was excited at the news of getting a extra days work out of teachers.

Morrisons are already repelling ideas that some how that having polling stations may not be secure. "We may have given away the details of 300,000 employees but I don't see why we would have any problems keeping ballot boxes safe and secure" It is thought they are training up every trolley boy to take good care of the boxes.

Other plans are to introduce text voting, which is expected to have a more difficult ride, but once it is explained that they could actually make a profit from each vote sent in and the amount of dropped texts and network problems would easily eradicate any multiple sent texts it is expected to glide through parliament.

Eric Pickles has said "Having seen the proposals I think we would be fools not to do it"

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