Monday, 26 August 2013

Cobs, Baps, Barms, Buns or Rolls?

 I found this on my travels and although it has absolutely nothing to do with elections it does have a lot to do with a subject dear to my heart. The humble Cob, I do try wherever I land up to grow the use of the word cob. It is a hard and absolutely thankless task, but one I will always endeavour to do.

When requesting a chip cob it normally takes two to serve me as this is how the conversation goes.

I enter the chip shop and say "Chip cob please"
To be then asked "a chip what? cod and chips you mean?"
I reply "No! a chip COB!"
The person serving then goes "What?"
Then someone who is also behind the counter will act as interpreter and says "He means bread bun"
Which then normally gets greeted by "Well, why didn't he say that then?"

So in the season of Bank Holiday irrelevance.

What is it from where you come from?

And do you have any stories?

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  1. Everyone I know from Manchester calls them a 'Barm', not a 'teacake' of 'muffin', as the map suggests. BTW, in Wales, 'Baps' are also crude slang for breasts - as in 'Get yer baps out, love'


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