Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How much does a vote cost in Aberdeen?

There seems to be a trend for the main political parties of big spending, even if they are defending a safe seat.

A link to a previous blog post A price of a vote in South Shields.

The figures are out for Aberdeen Donside and reported here http://www.heraldscotland.com/politics/political-news/how-ukips-big-spend-backfired.21825354 hardly a unbiased article, but here is the facts and figures from it.

£19,000 spent by Ukip with 1128 votes costing  £16.77 each
£81,000 spent by The SNP for 9814 votes worked out at £8.21 each,
£36,000 spent by Labour for 7789 votes which cost £4.64 each.
The Liberal Democrats spent £14,291 securing 1940 votes for candidate Christine Jardine, the equivalent of £7.37 per vote
Conservative Ross Thomson polled 1791 after his party spent £9581, or £5.35 per vote.

If anyone has the financial figures for the Eastleigh by election please email me on ukgeneralelection@mail.com

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