Thursday, 1 August 2013


I have been thinking lately and there is a few of my most recent posts which I can pull together for a "How it is looking with 21 months to go to the General Election 2015" article.

Now this is my opinion for what it is worth, but is as I call it. The General Election is Labours to lose rather than the Conservatives to win. It seems that the Conservatives are doing their best to give it to Labour on a plate. But again that is my opinion, with the Bedroom tax (spare room subsidy) and trolling of the BNP with vans going round saying 'GO HOME'. It feels as though the Tories don't want the hassle from 2015 onwards and doing their level best to give it to Labour.

FPTP V PROPORTIONAL VOTING This blog post does show that neither of the main parties want to give up FPTP as they have too much to lose.

Whilst How many Lib Dems will be left? Does simply ask that question at current trends the country could be left with single digit representation from the Lib Dems and their role of kingmakers will be gone.

UKIP on the other hand have the tricky situation of fighting the FPTP as above and also being squeezed on issues other than Europe. Just what else does UKIP stand for? 2014 has run good for them as both the local and Euro election will be run on the same day. A bonus for them but I am sure Labour will try to work the advantage the other way hoping to get out local voters to vote for them in the Euros.

Labour is not short of a bob or two THE PRICE OF A VOTE IN SOUTH SHIELDS When they out spent all the other parties put together and this was defending a safe Labour seat which had never been anything else but Labour.

What is the war chest like for marginals?

Then we have the Scottish Independence question after the locals but before the General Election. If Scotland says YES. How will that effect the outcome. As having Scottish MP's has a bigger benefit to Labour than it does to the Conservatives. Do you get the politicians your nation want? also shows how each of the home nations has voted and how they don't always get what they want.

Your thoughts on all this is as always more than welcome comment open to everyone.

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