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The headline results place Yes on 32%, No on 57% and undecideds on 11% amongst those certain to vote. When "don't know" voters are stripped out, support for Yes sits at 36% and No at 64%.
  (Ipsos/Mori - STV)
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Mark Diffley, director at Ipsos MORI Scotland, said: “Our latest poll for STV shows that public attitudes have changed very little over the past three months and that the ‘No’ campaign appears to retain a healthy lead.
"The important recent debate over currency appears not to have shifted committed voters from their positions while undecided voters appear a little more inclined to vote ‘No’ as a result.
"Having said that overall support for a ‘No’ vote has not changed since December. We are now into the final 200 days before the referendum takes place and both sides will be stepping up their efforts to win over those who yet to decide how they vote.
"Time will tell whether this has significant impact on public attitudes."
  (Ipsos/Mori - STV)
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There is good news for Yes Scotland, with the poll results indicating that undecided voters are more inclined to vote Yes.
Thirty-nine per cent of those yet to make up their mind are leaning towards a Yes vote, compared to 29% who are minded to vote No. A third could not decide.
The research also showed a growing gap in support for independence between those living in the most and least affluent areas of the country.
Respondents in the most deprived areas support independence by a margin of 47% to 41%, while those in the most affluent areas back the Union 71% to 20%.
  (Ipsos/Mori - STV)
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The gender divide also persists. Men oppose independence by 54% to 38% while women oppose independence by a greater margin of 59% to 27%.
Voters aged between 25 and 34 are most likely to vote for independence, with this group backing Yes over No by 45% to 43%.
Those over 55 are least likely to support Scotland leaving the UK, with 63% voting No against 28% voting Yes.
  (Ipsos/Mori - STV)
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Note: Where results do not add up to 100%, this may be due to computer rounding.

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