Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The rise of the new others

So 2 polls have been released and both have had a significant enough showing for an others section for it to have a %


Have had 20 respondents from England voting for someone other than the parties they have in the section, Which takes out of the equation, BNP, UKIP, GREENS, SNP, PLAID.

So is it the NHA PARTY or UKIP or someone else. Would be interesting to find out, have asked comres and yougov and still to have a response.


They also have a section for RESPECT which was showing 0 So this just leaves the NHA PARTY or someone else. Would be interesting to find out who.

In the YOUGOV section 2% or 9 respondents in the North of England showed as others
1% in Scotland 1% in Midlands/Wales

So is there a rise of another party?

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