Sunday, 24 August 2014

Scottish Pensioners poll from Survation

Survation email sent out about their latest polling

On behalf of the Sunday Post, Survation polled 1003 Scots aged 60 - 86 on their attitudes to Scottish Independence and pensions between 15th and 20th August. Full data tables can be found here:

Regardless of post-independence pension policies, this is a critically important voter group for both sides of the debate as this will be the highest voter turnout group of all Scottish voters in the referendum.  Notwithstanding that participants in online panels are apt to exaggerate their propensity to vote, less that 2% for example of over 75s told Survation they would not vote in the Independence referendum while 93% told us they were "10" out of 10 to vote.

Weighted to demographics to reflect the 2011 census, 55% of over 60s told us they would vote "no" 33% yes and 13% remain undecided. This is 65/37 in favour of "no".



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