Sunday, 24 August 2014


Found this on my travels hope rlemkin doesn't mind me sharing

Autumn is almost here so I thought I'd do a quick average of the summer polls for Holyrood. Very little change from June to August, so I just took the average from constituency (Survation, YouGov and Ipsos Mori) and regional polls (Survation, YouGov).

YouGov show Labour equal or ahead, Survation show SNP miles ahead and Ipsos show them ahead by up to about 5%, which accounts for the big lead in the constituency for the SNP.

It's all conjecture, but mildly amusing at least

SNP 50 MSPs (-19)
Labour 47 MSPs (+10)
Conservative 16 MSPs (+1)
Green 10 MSPs (+8)
Lib Dems 6 MSPs (+1)

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