Tuesday 12 November 2013


So tonight the Labour party motion was defeated by 252 to 226 I am still to find a comprehensive list of those who voted yea or nae. But if all 257 Labour MPs had turned up they would have defeated the government. My calculations show around 30 were missing. Who were they and I wonder why they didn't turn up to vote? Is this embarrassing for ED?

*update* 47 missing elected as Labour MPs as listed below.

(thanks bill)

Diane AbbottHackney North and Stoke NewingtonLababsent Curious tweets
Debbie AbrahamsOldham East and SaddleworthLababsent Response
Douglas AlexanderPaisley and Renfrewshire SouthLababsent response from Douglas
Jonathan AshworthLeicester SouthLababsent response
Edward BallsMorley and OutwoodLababsent See where ed was
Hugh BayleyYork CentralLababsent
David BlunkettSheffield, Brightside and HillsboroughLababsent
Gordon BrownKirkcaldy and CowdenbeathLababsent
Chris BryantRhonddaLababsent response
Ann CoffeyStockportLababsent
Geraint DaviesSwansea WestLababsent Interesting link
Gloria De PieroAshfieldLababsent
Jim DobbinHeywood and MiddletonLababsent
Frank DobsonHolborn and St PancrasLababsent
Brian H DonohoeCentral AyrshireLababsent
Frank DoranAberdeen NorthLababsent
Clive EffordElthamLababsent
Frank FieldBirkenheadLababsent
Paul FlynnNewport WestLababsent
Mike GapesIlford SouthLababsent
David HamiltonMidlothianLababsent
Margaret HodgeBarkingLababsent
Jimmy HoodLanark and Hamilton EastLababsent
Lindsay HoyleChorleyLababsent Deputy Speaker don't vote
Siân JamesSwansea EastLababsent
Alan JohnsonKingston upon Hull West and HessleLababsent
Tessa JowellDulwich and West NorwoodLababsent
Eric JoyceFalkirkLababsent
Gerald KaufmanManchester, GortonLababsent
David LammyTottenhamLababsent
Ian LucasWrexhamLababsent
Siobhain McDonaghMitcham and MordenLababsent
Ann McKechinGlasgow NorthLababsent
Alan MealeMansfieldLababsent
Meg MunnSheffield, HeeleyLababsent
Jim MurphyEast RenfrewshireLababsent
Pamela NashAirdrie and ShottsLababsent
Dawn PrimaroloBristol SouthLababsent Deputy Speaker don't vote
Joan RuddockLewisham, DeptfordLababsent
Anas SarwarGlasgow CentralLababsent
John SpellarWarleyLababsent
Gerry SutcliffeBradford SouthLababsent
Chuka UmunnaStreathamLababsent
Joan WalleyStoke-on-Trent NorthLababsent
Dave WattsSt Helens NorthLababsent
Alan WhiteheadSouthampton, TestLababsent
Shaun WoodwardSt Helens South and WhistonLababsent


  1. Do MPs still have a pairing system? That might explain why some Labour MPs didn't vote.

    1. Yes, we found out this morning from our local Labour vice chair that it was down to pairing. The whips on both sides have pairing arrangements to suit MP's who cannot make a vote for some reason. In short if more Labour MP's who live far from London had voted more Tories would have taken time out from their second jobs to vote also and it would not have changed the result. Which confirms that the Tories new exactly what they were planning and was Rigged from the start. So the pressure stays on we will keep fighting this grassroots. :)

    2. It is just that Labour have made this such an issue you would have thought they would have pushed harder. Is Hackney, Barking and Tottenham to far to go. Quite an assumption of what Tories would be up to.

  2. I have seen it said that pairing hasn't existed for a while.

  3. Yes they do still have the pairing system, and given that the Tories and lib dems vote together, it could not have been a different outcome.

    1. In the interests of transparency they should list who "paired" with who .... besides have they never heard of "ambush" - pairing is a "gentleman's agreement" & I see no reason why the PLP should stick to such an agreement with the scum on the Government benches (other than putting their "careers" befoer their constituents as usual)!

    2. Dennis Skinner has never participated in "pairing" neither did Terry Fields, and neither would any real socialist on such an important matter!

  4. I'm not surprised my MP Meg Munn wasn't there. Blair babe if ever I met one :(

  5. Your link doesn't seem to work? It just takes me to Hansard (in general) rather than to that particular vote.

  6. The full voting list can be seen at http://www.publicwhip.org.uk/division.php?date=2013-11-12&number=126&showall=yes#voters

  7. Thank you bill, have sorted thanks to your link.

  8. Replies
    1. As I say state at the top elected as a Labour MP. What they do to disgrace themselves in the meantime is another thing. Unless you say he is in support of the measure I am sure he still votes when he can drag himself to the Houses of Parliament in favour of Labour motions?

  9. Not a democatic....system! As usual!..for decades!?;@..why do we allow the government to tell us what to do? When the people of the county should be heard... ££+m.p's+coruption--Start all over..scrap parliment..get Men+Women equilly round the table to descuss what is right for the people. Vote online so you can not be tazered or water cannoned...arested! If you do a peaceful protest!? Control+fear is what we have come to except...u only have 1 Life..liveit!!;) Love+Peace:)

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