Wednesday 13 November 2013

Chris Bryant & Jonathan Ashworth (bedroom tax vote)


  1. I don't think you can go on a witch hunt here. The pairing arrangement of the Auschwitz visit alone reduces the 30 to 28. If we accept that paternity leave for a 1 week old baby is legitimate (I frigging hope so), then the fact that Lindsay Hoyle appears in your list despite being a deputy speaker means that Labour could not have passed this vote simply with better turnout.

    Can we blame this on the party's that defended this god-awful legislation please?

    1. 47 were on the list 2 are deputy speakers so makes it 45. Yes Mr Alexander was paired off with a Tory to go to Auschwitz. But the others. well put that question of a one week old baby to the voters which Labour are trying to stir up about the bedroom tax. He hadn't had the baby. I am sure an expenses claimed trip from Leicester to London would have been ok by the wife. there is still 40 unaccounted for. I am sure if this was the people it affected and not the ones who can just put it on expense account who were voting then they would have all turned in.


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