Monday 27 January 2014

"Captain Chaplington-Smythe" for the OMRLP

We at the Loony are ordinary working people in the real world. With bills to pay and children to feed. We stand before you in the hope that you will give us your vote so we can go to parliament and make a difference. Make this place a better place. We are the prominent alternative party of Great Britain. We come from all walks of life. Ask us anything about our policies and we will give you a straight answer. Please, please don't waste your vote because you think it's not worth it labour will get in anyway! Your vote was fought for, people lost their lives to secure you that right. All we ask is you consider wether you want more of the same or you want to make British political history by voting into parliament the first ever Loony MP. We aren't professional politicians that went to Eton or Oxford we are hard working men and women that want the chance to get up and make a difference for our society. May the force be with you 



 He is the candidate for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party in the Wythenshawe & East Sale By election.

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