Thursday 30 January 2014


 Please re tweet one of the tweets below if you agree with the view. That whilst families struggle for money in fuel/food poverty we will be talking about millions of pounds being moved around should it not be taxed directly and help those in real need.

I have put the question out there and from what I am getting back the actual transfer itself is not levied. ( I would gladly stand corrected)

It seems it is seen as an expense much like a company buys a commodity to then repackage and sell, or a piece of machinery.

The tax is meant to come from the profits or in most cases with big clubs losses, (so they then don't have any taxes to pay.)

Don't you think it is obscene that someone who has worked hard for years and studied to get themselves in a 150k a year job is forced to pay more tax, and a footballer who gets paid that a week/month is then bought and sold for fantasy money to offset tax bills contributes no addition to the country.

You may argue the millions it generates, but just how much of that is tax exempt or written off against other expenditures. Or like comedians who make themselves into business's then go offshore and then pay nothing or next to nothing back to the country which has made them rich in the first place.

So come on political parties get your act together grow a back bone. Do something which would benefit the country 50% tax on transfer fees.

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