Monday 27 January 2014


A Liberal Democrat councillor has quit in protest at her group's decision to keep Mike Hancock in the cabinet.
Councillor Eleanor Scott resigned her environment and community safety brief on Portsmouth City Council.

Ms Scott, who remains as a Lib Dem councillor, said: "We need to run a city, not a game show.
"I hope that others involved in the group's decision on Friday will reflect on their positions, and do the right thing."

 The BBC understands a vote among Lib Dem members ended 10-10 with Mr Hancock keeping his job as planning, regeneration and economic development chief because the chairman abstained.
The group said it was also continuing its process of selecting its 2015 parliamentary candidates for Portsmouth along with May's upcoming council elections - both of which Mr Hancock could stand in for re-election.
But he faces being deselected as a Lib Dem due to his current suspension.


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