Wednesday 29 January 2014

Most likely to vote for

Now this is just what I take from the figures much like a fortune teller takes from the tea leaves just to let you know.

Labours most likely voter if taken by where they poll highest. Would be a female from the North of England aged 18-24 if she was from ethnic back ground then that propensity to vote Labour would be doubled.

As for the Conservatives they would be getting their most likely voter from the South of England aged over 60 and male and white ethnic group.

So the curious extrapolation is that Labours most likely voter comes from a section which is least likely to vote 18-24 year old and female, and the Conservative voter comes from the most likely to vote over 60 and Male.

Also if Labour are dependent on the 18-24 section they are also the most likely to change their mind and vote for an alternative from the main parties such as Greens or Respect.

The Conservatives only threat comes from UKIP which is eating greatly into their core vote.

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