Tuesday 14 April 2015

A list of the micro parties standing at the 2015 UK General Election

(An) Independence From Europe
30-50 Coalition
Above and Beyond / Demanding a
Al-Zebabist Nation of OOOG
All People's Party
Alliance For Green Socialism
Alter Change
Animal Welfare Party
Apni Party
Beer, Baccy and Scratchings
Bournemouth Independent Alliance (BIA)
British Democrats
British Independents
Campaign Party
Children of the Atom
Christian Movement for GB
Christian Party
CISTA (Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol)
City Independents (Stoke-on-Trent)
Class War
Common Sense Party
Communist League
Communist Party GB
Communities United Party
CPA (Christian People's Alliance)
Democratic Party
Democratic Reform Party
Digital Democracy
Eccentric Party of GB
English Democrats
Europeans Party
Evolution Party
for Politics
Free Public Transport Party
Guildford Greenbelt Group
Hoi Polloi
Independent - Tell It Like It Is
Independent Political Alliance Party
Independent Save Withybush Save Lives
Independents Against Social Injustice
Independents For Bristol
Islam Zinda Baad Platform
Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them)
Land Party
Let every child have both parents
Let's Keep It Real
Liberty GB / No to terrorism, Yes to Britain
Lincolnshire Independents
Locally Informed Health and Social Care
Loony (OMRLP)
Magna Carta Conservation Party Great Britian
Manston Airport Independent Party
Mebyon Kernow
Movement for Active Democracy
National Front
National Health Action Party / Independent Community and Health Concern
National Liberal Party
New Independent Centralists
New Vision
North East Party
Party for a United Thanet
Patriotic Socialist Party
Peace Party
People Before Profit
People First
Pirate Party
Poole People
Population Party UK
Putting Croydon First!
Reality Party
Red Flag - Anti-Corruption
Reduce VAT in Sport
Removing The Politicians
Republican Socialist
Residents For Uttlesford
Rochdale First
Scottish Socialist Party (SSP)
Socialist Equality Party / For socialism, Against austerity and war
Socialist Labour Party
Socialist Party GB
Something New (Nothing borrowed. Nothing old. Something New.)
Southport Party
Stop emotional child abuse, Vote Elmo
Sustainable Population Party
The Birthday Party
The Justice & Anti-Corruption Party
The New Society of Worth
The Northern Party
The Pluralist Party - Liverpool's People's Party"
The Principles Of Politics Party
The Realists' Party
The Roman Party.AVE
The UK Progressive Democracy Party
The Workers Party
Trying to fix a broken system
TUSC / Left Unity
TUV (Traditional Unionist Voice)
U Party
Ubuntu PartyApolitical
Vapers In Power
Vote for real people, not politicians!
War Veteran's Pro-Traditional Family Party
Wessex Regionalists
Wigan Independents
Worker's Party
Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP)
World Peace Through Song
Yorkshire First / A Voice For The Region
Young People's Party
Your Vote Could Save Our Hospital

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