Sunday 12 April 2015

The Conservative Battleground by Sam Beesley

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The Conservative Battleground

This table shows the Conservative predicted outcomes in many marginals. The seats have been categorised by likelihood. The categories are:

Seats where the Tories are:

Very Likely To Win

Strong Contenders (likely to gain/hold but loss must be considered)

Moderate Contenders (could go either way, but loss generally more likely)

Able But Unlikely To Win (likely to lose but gain/hold possible)

Outsiders (will not win)

Very Likely To Win Strong Contenders To Win Moderate Contenders To Win Able But Unlikely To Win Outsiders 
Basildon South Aberconwy Amber Valley Bedford Hendon 
Battersea Blackpool North and Cleveleys Brighton Kemptown Boston and Skegness Warwickshire North 
Burton Brigg and Goole Bury North Brentford and Isleworth Clacton 
Camborne and Redruth Bristol North West Cannock Chase Broxtowe Argyll and Bute 
Clwyd West Calder Valley City of Chester Cardiff North Hazel Grove 
Crawley Carmarthen West Croydon Central Carlisle Thornbury and Yate 
Derbyshire South Castle Point Ealing Central and Acton Corby Alyn and Deeside 
Dorset South Chatham and Aylesford Enfield North Dewsbury Birmingham Edgbaston 
Elmet and Rothwell Cleethorpes Halesowen and Rowley Regis Erewash Bolton West 
Enfield Southgate Colne Valley Harrow East Hastings and Rye Derby North 
Filton and Bradley Stoke Crewe and Nantwich Hove Lancaster and Fleetwood Delyn 
Gillingham and Rainham Dover Ipswich Northampton North Eltham 
Ilford North Dudley South Keighley Plymouth Sutton Gedling 
Leicestershire North West Dumfriesshire and Clydesdale Lincoln Sherwood Hampstead and Kilburn 
Milton Keynes North Finchley and Golders Green Morecambe and Lunesdale Stockton South Telford 
Montgomeryshire Gloucester Norwich North Stroud Westminster North 
Norfolk South West Great Yarmouth Nuneaton Thurrock Wirral South 
Northampton South Harlow Pudsey Warrington South 
Portsmouth North High Peak South Ribble Weaver Vale 
Preseli Pembrokeshire Kingswood South Thanet Wolverhampton South West 
Reading East Loughborough Stevenage Aberdeenshire West 
Redditch Milton Keynes South Waveney Berwickshire and Roxburgh 
Scarborough and Whitby Pendle Wirral West Eastleigh 
Selby and Ainsty Peterborough Rochester and Strood Kingston and Surbiton 
Staffordshire Moorlands Reading West Brecon and Radnorshire Sutton and Cheam 
Somerset North East Rossendale and Darwen Carshalton and Wallington Twickenham 
Swindon North Rugby Cheadle Dumfries and Galloway 
Truro and Falmouth Somerset North East Eastbourne Gower 
Dorset Mid and Poole North Stafford St Ives Southampton Itchen 
Solihull St Albans Torbay Vale of Clwyd 
Somerton and Frome Swindon South 
Vale of Glamorgan 
Warwick and Leamington 
Berwick upon Tweed 
Cornwall North 
Devon North 
Portsmouth South 
St Austell and Newquay 
Taunton Deane 

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