Wednesday 8 April 2015

The newly launched Do Everything Party (DEP)

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New Political Party launched to change the face
of British Politics

The newly launched Do Everything Party (DEP) aims to change the face of British politics in the run up to the election, by winning more votes from the British public than any other “established” political party.

The DEP is the only party to blend politics with music and humour.  The party leaders and officials have their own band (The DEPuties) who have released an album of “political” music.  “Vote for Us”. 

The Do Everything Party is the first UK party to introduce internet voting and allow UK citizens to be directly involved without even leaving their homes.

The Party is led by identical twins Zac and Mike Lown who have a passion for democracy and a healthy cynicism about the “game” of politics.

Says Mike “Far too many of the voting public are bored and disenchanted with politics – we aim to change that.  We want people to get engaged and vote – especially for us”.

Says Zac “With people like Russell Brand, Al Murray and Bez there are enough joke “politicians” around.  We’re really serious jokers and I’m a really serious clown”.

The Party’s Policies will be unveiled during the weeks leading up to the election, but one key promise involves giving the vote to 10 year olds.

Says Zac “This may sound like a joke, but people will realise how sensible it is when we explain it”.

Joking aside, there is a serious undertone to the Do Everything project.  The DEP is keen to get people involved in ISSUES and cast their votes based on what they care about, rather than engage in “Yah Boo” party politics.

The Party will continue its work after the election, though the immediate priority is “winning” in May.

NB – Zac Lown and Ivan Maistrovich of The DEPuties are also available to sing/play the acoustic version of “Vote for Me” on TV or Radio.    Here is the link to listen

Mike says “our battle slogan is “Vote for Us – we’ll do more than THEM ! – and we will !!”

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