Thursday, 9 April 2015

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Our latest voting intention figures for The Sun this morning are CON 34%, LAB 35%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 13%, GRN 5%.
  • 40% of people think that David Cameron would make the best Prime Minister, 24% say Ed Miliband would.
  • 33% of people support the coalition agreement between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, 55% are opposed.
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Compulsory voting
  • A majority of the public (55%) would support making voting in a general election compulsory while 37% would oppose this.
  • More generally, 39% say the government should be doing more to get people to vote while 53% say the responsibility lies with the individual.
  • The public are split on whether mandatory voting in elections (32%) or compulsory politics lessons in secondary schools (32%) would be the best way to encourage participation in British politics. 24% say neither of these options.
Current Issues

  • Asked in March about possible options for Trident when it reaches the end of its useful life, a quarter of the public (24%) were in favour of Britain giving up all nuclear weapons completely.
  • A higher proportion of Brits (31%) believe that when Trident comes to an end it should be replaced with an equally powerful nuclear missile system.
  • 29% think Britain should retain a nuclear missile system, but it should be less powerful and cost less than replacing Trident.

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