Tuesday, 14 April 2015

YouGov Daily Briefing 14/04/2015

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Our latest voting intention figures published in The Sun this morning are CON 33%, LAB 34%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 13%, GRN 6%.
  • Labour lead by one.
  • 37% of people approve of the government's record to date, 49% disapprove.
Inheritance Tax
  • 59% of the public support raising the threshold for inheritance tax to £500k, 23% oppose this.
  • This policy is supported across all main party voters though Labour voters are more divided (44% support, 40% oppose).
  • Asked who this proposal would benefit most, 41% say the richest in society, 35% the middle class and 3% say those who are less well off.
Current Issues

Right to Buy
  • When asked in March this year, the public were divided on whether ‘right to buy’ should be extended to those living in housing associations – 34% said it was a good idea, 39% bad idea and 27% were unsure.
  • Opinion differed between Labour and Conservative supporters – Labour voters were against the policy by 48% to 28% while Conservative voters supported the idea by 43% to 31%.
  • Younger people were also much more in favour of this idea than older people. Under 25s supported the idea by 37% to 20% while over 60s opposed it by 47% to 32%.

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