Wednesday 15 April 2015


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The Christian Party is a non-denomination micro Party which was formed in 2005.Many people feel that they can no longer vote conscientiously for the major political parties with the result that they feel marginalized and disenfranchised. Freedom of speech is taken away from you and you can no longer ventilate your views. The Christian Party  has formed 


1. Christian Conscience

I believe that a British citizen has the right to live as a Christian within the United Kingdom without fear, prejudice or persecution from the state or any other person or organisation.  I will seek to ensure that religious liberty and freedom of conscience are unequivocally protected against interference by the state and from other threats.  This liberty should extend not only to individuals but also to institutions, including families, charities, schools and religious communities.  I will not be inhibited against my right to speak out, by any cultural or political power.  I will reject measures that seek to over-rule Christian conscience or to restrict the freedom to express Christian beliefs and to worship and obey God.
2. British Constitutional Law

Since the Maastricht agreement, the UK has been increasingly subject to new European laws, undermining Parliament, the Constitution and the Queen’s Coronation Oath.  I am opposed to superseding British law with foreign law, such as Sharia or European law, and I will support an in-out referendum on Europe during the next session of Parliament.  I believe that the people should decide.
3. Traditional Marriage

I pledge to support real marriage – the lifelong covenantal union of one man and one woman as husband and wife. I believe it is the only context for sexual intercourse, and the most important building block for a stable society.  A stable family promotes education and social well-being.  I call on the government to honour, promote and protect real marriage and I will not support equating any other form of sexual partnership with marriage.  I will continue to affirm these beliefs about sexual morality, marriage, and the family.
4. Sanctity of Life

I pledge to work to protect the life of every human being from conception to its natural end.  I will not participate in nor facilitate abortion, embryo-destructive research, assisted suicide, euthanasia, or any other act that involves intentionally destroying innocent human beings.  I will support those who take the same stand.

I believe that all human life has intrinsic value and equal dignity and worth, and that it is the duty of the state to protect the vulnerable.  I will support, protect, and be an advocate for the life and dignity of the unborn child, the young and elderly, the sick and disabled, the addicted and abused, sex and labour slaves and other vulnerable groups.
We are standing 11 Candidates in the General Election and we are all self-funding.
Juliana Brimicombe
Michelle Wayne Reid
Laurence Williams
Victor Murphy
Donald Boyd
John Cormack
Gabriela Fajardo 
Pastor Gabriel Ukandu
Dominque Stockford
Des Coke


  1. Thank you for giving the Christian Party the opportunity to share The 2015 Declaration of British Values .
    I have been out this morning leafleting on that same topic. Our aim is for all candidates to read this and contact our head office to sign this Declaration. God Bless

  2. This almost makes UKIP look sane.


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