Saturday 4 April 2015

The Above and Beyond Party Candidate LAURA BOYLE, CARDIFF CENTRAL

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Full name: Laura Susan Boyle

Date of birth: 01/02/1988

Occupation: I am currently working as a fundraiser for an international development charity while studying for a BA in Dance at Cardiff Metropolitan University. My long-term aim is to go into movement therapy and work with people with learning difficulties.

From where? I live with my partner Jack and my eight-year-old son Damien in Roath, Cardiff.

Why I am standing: 'There is a reason why many thousands of people abstain from voting. The media would have us believe that people don't care about how their country is governed. I believe it can be attributed to the increasingly unavoidable fact that our interests are quite simply not represented by any political party. A system where people either feel forced to vote tactically, or not at all, is not a democratic system. The ability to vote “None of the above” is a necessary fast track to change.'

Hopes for the campaign: 'I'm not expecting miracles for the coming election, though miracles are certainly achievable with the right mindset. Initial conversations with some of Cardiff's thriving student population suggest an enthusiastic response to our message. My primary aim is to empower the people of Cardiff, to get them to realise that there is an alternative to our broken, self-perpetuating political system, and that the power to reach out and grasp it is in their hands.'   

Hobbies and interests: Fitness and nutrition, dancing (particularly contemporary dance and salsa), reading (popular science), history, culture, politics and all genres of music. Also I love spending time with my son.

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