Saturday 4 April 2015

The Above and Beyond Party Candidate RORY JEPSON, CLWYD WEST

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Full name: Rory Huw Jepson

Date of birth: 15/05/1992

Occupation: Former bar manager but currently unemployed.

From where? Gellifor near Ruthin in the picturesque Vale of Clwyd and I have been with my partner Hannah for four years.

Why I am standing: 'I think our current political system is financially driven, often at the expense of those who the system should serve. I believe that given the opportunity to vote in a referendum on our system of governance, many people would agree reform is necessary. Our fossil-fuel based economy is also unsustainable as the resources are limited, and due to interests of large energy companies the renewable energy sector is not being fully invested in. Also military intervention in the interests of fuel is not what many people want their taxes spent on.'

Hopes for the campaign: 'My main hopes for the campaign are to spread the message that the status quo is not the only way to run a country, and to provide a constructive alternative to our outdated system. It is quite a big rural area but I know there is a lot of disquiet about how we are run and there is a lot of people in North Wales who know we need some major changes.'   

Hobbies and interests: I'm a big rugby fan (being Welsh of course) and follow the national and regional teams. I also enjoy walking the dog in the area of outstanding natural beauty that I'm lucky enough to live in. I also enjoy swimming and camping.

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