Friday 29 March 2013


It is a quiet evening so thought I would have a look at some statistical porn.

No Major changes but you can see why the parties have changed their stances on certain policies.

UKIP are taking 1 in 20 voters from Labour 1 in 10 voters from the Lib Dems and best of all 1 in 5 voters from the Tories. This is not even the best time for UKIP next year you have the lead upto the EURO elections which is kind of ironic that UKIP get their only to date major political voice from the institution they wish to leave. But all the same it is the time of the political cycle they do best and the figures already are looking good with a year to go for them to improve.

There also seems to be the stats where the older you get the less socialist you are it seems Labour really does fade off with each age. Is this from people who still look back and remember the 70s.

You also have the non voters which break down into 1 in 4 libdems from 2010 don't know or wont vote and one in seven tories are in the same boat. Now this is a lot of variables which could either strengthen Labour or propel UKIP or keep afloat the aspirations of the TORIES & LIBDEMS. Only 1 in 16 Labour voters from 2010 are in the same boat. So is Labour as good as they get and the others will catch them up?

We will see and half the fun is guessing and predicting and watching how this all unfolds.

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