Sunday 31 March 2013


Chris Huhne who had to resign in disgrace for getting his wife to take his speeding points thus perverting the course of justice and lying for 8 years about it, is having an easy life of it in prison. For you or me we would have been left to rot with the druggies but here is an example of softly softly in action.


After just seven days in Wandsworth prison in south-west London Huhne, 58, was moved to HMP Leyhill, Gloucester, where there is no perimeter fence and convicts have keys to their own rooms.
Today he appeared relaxed as he was pictured walking past the aviary in the open prison’s 135 acre grounds.
The jail, which has previously been described as the “Savoy of slammers”, has three tennis courts, football and hockey pitches, a gym and fitness suite as well as ornamental gardens.
The prison’s canteen is stocked by fresh produce from the grounds, where inmates can do the gardening. Prisoners aged over 50 are also offered the chance to do “gentle” exercise such as pilates.
Huhne, a former Liberal Democrat environment secretary, was jailed for eight months in March after his former wife took speeding points on his behalf. He is likely to be released after serving just eight weeks

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