Thursday 28 March 2013


 Could an Independent win or at least Challenge in South Shields. At local council level last year you can see they secured at least 20% of the vote.

Last years local election figures

Lab 11960 56.1%
Ind 4432 20.8%
Con 2118 9.9%
Prog 1420 6.7%
BNP 653 3.1%
Lib 617 2.9%
Grn 113 0.5%

First person who says he will stand


The first candidate to throw his hat into the ring to become the next MP for South Shields has emerged.
Former scaffolding boss John Robertson, 46, from Whitburn, says he will stand as an independent.
He received a 40-week suspended prison sentence in 2011 after smashing his lorry into the headquarters of South Tyneside Homes.
Mr Robertson caused almost £160,000 damage after driving his 22ft lorry into Strathmore House, at Jarrow’s Viking Industrial Estate, demolishing much of the building entrance.
He said: “I intend to campaign on issues such as special educational needs and support for the elderly.”

A LIKELY CANDIDATE ... former scaffolding boss John Robertson.

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