Sunday 10 March 2013


British Politics Lib Dems To Poll 14% Before 2014 Betting Odds
 YES 4/7 NO 5/4
Hardly shows great enthusiasm for the lib dems when 14% is a target and it shows that 15% of the bets placed don't even think they will get 14%

Next UK General Election UKIP Vote Percentage Betting Odds
0-5% 6/4     5-10% 6/4       10-15% 5/1       15-20% 16/1
The two most popular bets are 0-5 and 10-15 lets see how the market moves over the coming years.

Next UK General Election Most Seats Betting Odds
LABOUR longest odds 3/5  shortest odds 1/2
TORIES longest odds 7/4 shortest odds 5/4
LIB DEMS longest odds 150/1 shortest odds 100/1
UKIP longest odds150/1 shortest odds 80/1
Surprised to find places giving better prices on UKIP than Lib Dems seems the markets are following the latest polling info.

Most popular bet for UKIP is for them to gain 2 or more seats at a price of 8/1 no other price has been bet on for seats/betting UKIP. To put this in context the Greens are 6/1 to get 2 seats with PADDYPOWER and they already have one at present. 20/1 bar.

 Have a evens price that a MP will defect to UKIP. Which is extremely low and is almost saying it will happen.

Ken Clarke to fall asleep during Budget 16/1
Vince Cable to shake head in disagreement during Budget 20/1

Now that Vince Cable bet looks tasty............. 


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