Friday 29 March 2013


A town council election saw the UKIP candidate come from no where to win the seat. I found a comprehensive article about the ward but as you will see it is split labour/conservative and ward itself had been strongly libdem. Such a comprehensive result is why the other parties are now so worried I would think.


Denis Allen UKIP 303 (46.25%) from no where
Margaret Malcolm Labour 151 (23%)
Ed Bird Conservative 108 (16.5%)
David Holloway Lib Dem 90 (13.75%)

The Wellington town council by-election did fall below Listener’s sonar. UKIP have won a seat from the Conservatives, in what was a three-way marginal returning one town councilor from each major party at the last town council election. The Lib Dems won the borough seat in 2007 and 2011.

Here is some background to the by-election in the Dothill ward of Wellington Town Council in the unitary Borough of Telford and Wrekin.

Wellington Town Council comprises 21 members, elected from seven wards as follows – Arleston (3), College (3), Dothill (3), Ercall (3), Haygate (3), Park (3) and Shawbirch (3).

The town wards are coterminous with the borough wards of the same name.

The council strengths were:

Elections on 3 May 2007: Con 12, Lab 3, Lib Dem 3, Independent 3
Elections on 5 May 2011: Lab 8, Con 8, Lib Dem 3, Independent 2

The current town mayor is Labour and the deputy mayor is Independent. At the annual meeting on 8 May 2012, the Labour town mayor was elected unopposed, but the Independent deputy mayor (proposed by Lib Dem and seconded by Labour) defeated a Conservative candidate by 10 votes to 7.

The result in Dothill on 3 May 2007 was:
Lib Dem 590, Con 431/372/297, Lab 312
Elected: Lib Dem 1, Con 2

The result in Dothill on 5 May 2011 was:
Lib Dem 538, Con 401/253, Lab 363/297
Elected: Lib Dem 1, Con 1, Lab 1

Denis Allen (UKIP) gained the by-election in Dothill on 28 March 2013, following the death of Lesley Street (Con) on 29 December 2012. The result was UKIP 303, Lab 151, Con 108, Lib Dem 90.

The make-up of the town council is now Lab 8, Con 7, Lib Dem 3, Independent 2, UKIP 1.

The results in the Dothill ward of Telford and Wrekin Borough Council were as follows:

3 May 2007 – Lib Dem 521, Con 297, Lab 147

5 May 2011 – Lib Dem 404, Con 311, Lab 260

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