Thursday 14 March 2013


It has been a regular thing on twitter trying to predict the next by election. Sutton Coldfield because Pleb gate man is possibly off to Europe. Portsmouth South as the Lib Dem MP might have to resign due to allegations. Tonight we have reports on SKY saying Eric Joyce has been arrested for fighting.

Heres the result from 2010 SNP canvassers at the ready?

Name Party Votes % +/-
Eric Joyce Labour 23,207 45.7 -5.1
John McNally Scottish National Party 15,364 30.3 +8.9
Katie Mackie Conservative 5,698 11.2 +1.3
Kieran Leach Liberal Democrat 5,225 10.3 -5.7
Brian Goldie UK Independence Party 1,283 2.5 +2.5
Majority 7,843 15.4
Turnout 50,777 62.0 +2.4

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