Thursday 28 March 2013


Here is the latest odds from around the bookies for the South Shields By Election. We are still to have a date set for the election and we are still to have any confirmed candidates so these figures are really up in the air. It is interesting though to see how low a chance the coalition parties have when a media editor whom broke the story has a better chance of winning than the Tories or Lib Dems and he has denied he will stand at that.

LABOURS price varies between 1/40 to 1/20 so a 5% return on a £100 deposit you would go a long way to find that anywhere in the banking system and watching the news about Cyprus, your money is probably just as safe.

KEVIN MAGUIRE is 16/1 with LADBROKES He has denied that he will stand though.

UKIP is as low as 8/1 with William Hills had been 7/1 and up to 16/1 with Ladbrokes that has shortened from 20/1

CONSERVATIVES range between 40/1 to 50/1

BNP are only quoted with LADBROKES at 100/1 considering they saved the deposit last time I think this shows how far they have collapsed as a party

GREEN are 100/1 only with PADDY POWER will this be another election though without a GREEN candidate.

LIB DEMS 100/1 to 200/1 A coalition party in the same price range as candidate chancers which is a big fall for a party seen in the past as opposition to Labour in the North East

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