Monday 15 December 2014

Bookmakers Favourites #GE2015 Forecast result

Before I start with the result I would like to thank our lass for humouring me with being the teller for todays results. I did try to do the tally sheet myself, checking down the page and using the gate system to see who had the most favourites. Last time I tried this exercise I lost my place more times then I care to mention and it took nearly an hour. So this time my wife became teller and checked off the figures as I called out the parties. Now my wife has no interest in politics or stats for that matter. But in these small things humours me. So a big I LOVE YOU to Mrs Election.

Here courtesy of oddschecker (and Mrs Election) is the amount of seats each party are Favourite in

Labour 305
Conservatives 268
LibDems 29
SNP 16
Plaid Cymru 3
Greens 1
John Bercow 1

Now it is not scientific, but this is where the money is going so all in all it is as good as any scientific theorem of projected shares and swings.

Will monitor once a month our lass permitting, once maybe enough to humour me.

link to 8 other sources of election forecasts >>> #GE2015 FORECASTS

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