Tuesday 30 December 2014

List of Members of Parliament since 1945

A fantastic find on my travels,  by mick745

I have been working hard in collating the names of all the Members of Parliament since 1945 and can reveal that there have been 3,118 of them.  I have put them all in a spreadsheet which can be viewed here:


Bold italics indicates that a MP left during the Parliament.  Highlighted yellow are MPs that won by-elections.  I have placed it here for your information.  There is obviously lots of work to be done, I wish to add dates or birth and death (it can then be tracked how many are living or dead from each parliament, oldest and youngest MPs etc.), and other information such as peerages.  I also intend to take the database back further, at least to 1900.

Meanwhile I have extracted some information already including a list of MPs leaving at  each dissolution:


And a list of retreads during this period (there are 225 of them):


If the links above don't open try these

List of MPS




MPs leaving at dissolution


Mick also asks for All comments on improvements that could be made gratefully received.

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