Wednesday 24 December 2014

Final Westminster Voting Intention Poll of the Year. from SURVATION

Happy Christmas from Survation. Here is our final voting intention poll of 2014 - Survation for tomorrow's Daily Mirror.

Survation interviewed 1009 GB adults online between 18-19 December about their voting intention for next May's general election.

Results (with change since last Survation/Daily Mirror poll on 3 November):

LAB 33% (+2)
CON 30% (+3)
UKIP 21% (-3)
LD 10% (+1)
OTHERS 6% (-3)

Damian Lyons Lowe, Chief Executive of Survation said:

"To the casual observer, these figures might suggest a close race for the 2015 General Election between the Conservatives and the Labour party. However, the Conservative party need to be ahead of Labour by a considerable margin to even begin to win seats needed to gain an overall majority.  Today we looked back at our polling for the Daily Mirror and found that in September 2012 - over 2 years ago - the Conservative party were on exactly the same vote share as today - 30%. In short, the Conservatives, with just 5 months left of this current, fixed-term parliament are yet to make make the progress needed to form a majority government"

Full tables for this poll are available here.

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  1. If the polls remain roughly as they are in a couple of months time I expect a major announcement of a change of leadership in the main partys and probably cofirmation of alliances
    Its a shame that voters are influenced over who gives them the most freebies etc as thats no way to get the gvt that is best for the country. Sorry got to say it but the thought of Milibands as PM. Is cringemaking. Cant we dress him up bare chested in Putinesque poses? Think hed look good


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