Monday 1 December 2014

Why do some people and pollsters put the numbers in the wrong order?

Currently when I go to have a look at the Premier League table it isn't published like this

Southampton 26
Man City 27
Chelsea 33
Leicester 10
Newcastle 19
Man Utd 22

As it just wouldn't make sense so why do pollsters mostly seem to put their numbers out like this?

Con 28% (-2)
Lab 31% (+1)
LD 9% (NC)
UKIP 18% (-1)
Green 7% (+3)
Others 7% (NC)
from Comres
Ashcroft National Poll:
Con 30%,
Lab 32%,
Lib Dem 7%,
UKIP 16%,
Green 6%

Now you could argue it is done in largest to smallest party, or by number of MPs.

But the league table in football isn't published by last years winners downwards with how many points they have won this season. So please people put the percentages by highest to lowest.


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