Sunday 8 March 2015

A means for voters to know small parties getting nil media coverage but could save us from a hung parliament

We would like to Thank Anastasia England For taking up our offer of 
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You are only NOT accepted if...
1) Your party did appear on the list of parties getting millions pounds of donations last year
2) You hate/dislike other people for where they happen to come from or how they happen to be.
I am a voter with no party to vote for as all parties in the media eye
grant me nothing at all and take what little I have to boot. But I am
out in the English countryside and nowhere important.

But there is a cunning plan that came from the excellent Benefits and
Work website, that helps chronic sick and disabled with benefit when
little chance of work as too ill.

The pundits all say we will have the most severe hung parliament, with
neither big party Labour or Tory barely able to scrape together a
coalition that can rule.

The tens of millions of poor are the most who have no party in the
media eye.

And it is the poor who now outnumber all other voters of other income
levels, yet the most who will not turn out to vote, so lost voters
from 18 to grannies.

To help them I have put together a personal website, so that folk know
something about small parties getting no coverage and so inform the

I am not a member of anything myself, nor am funded by any political
person or party or campaign group of any kind. I am just an individual
with nil funding.

Small parties shown on my little website could form a supply and
confidence type of coalition with Labour and give us at least a stable
UK Westminster parliament, and grant us the 5 year parliament, instead
of general elections again and again about every 6 months, as the
voters get ever fewer.

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  1. A bias against nationalist parties I see, this clearly isn't a democratic and neutral organisation then. Never mind!


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